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Game Killer APK (or GameKiller) is an Android program to change coins, jewels, etc. of Android games through the use of the technique of memory changing. More than ten million users have Gamekiller APK download worldwide making it one of the very downloaded programs unavailable on Google Play shop.

Game killer supports the maximum amount of games is a powerful yet simple to use and is compatible on latest Android variations; Marshmallow and Lollipop. The game killer can be downloaded by you freely with no survey in addition to reading in-depth stepwise process on using Game Killer with this website.

Warning: websites- You will find lots of imsites which are supplying altered model of Game killer which has the virus with download links. We request you share together with friends and family and to download from our official website.


Note Game killer operates just on apparatus that are frozen. We urge kingroot apk because it doesn’t additionally kingroot support maximum amount of apparatus and need PC.


  • Click The Link to download.
  • Install it.
  • Following window will be seen by you.
  • Now you’ll notice the game killer icon floating in your killer apk

Start the game play and you would like to hack it. Gather game score or some coins or what you would like to hack.

Click the game killer icon at the most effective. You are going to see “Input amount to do precise search………”. Input some item from your computer keyboard or how many coins or scores. In approaching window press search button and faucet vehicle identify. For those who have 1000 coins imagine, enter 1000 from key word that is underside and faucet on search

If multiple values are shown by it, play game again, gather more things until it reveals single value and search.


After single value is shown by it, tap onto it and alter it to any value you would like. As in preceding case, In The Event That you enter 99999 your coins will shift from 1000 to 99999.


Keep on hacking on other items in same manner. It’s possible for you to look at fuzzy search, floating amount etc yourself.


Attempting yourself is the most effective means of getting knowledge. Until you get whatever you really would like only try everything. It appears rather confusing in the beginning when you use for sometime, but it’s simple.


Gamekiller continues to be upgraded lately to v4.25. Should you be facing trouble with this particular variant, you can attempt using preceding variant (v3.11). Anyway, improvements and these upgrades were done around the most recent variant of Game killer.

Hunt game worth with precise amount


Hunt game value with uncertain directions, e.g. larger or smaller

Lock the gaming value to some amount that is fixed

Touch GameKiller sprite to bring the apparatus up during gaming

HEX edit

Code that is unload

Bugs Fixed and a whole lot more.



Note be caused by:- FAQs are frequently upgraded and therefore are sorted below based on quantity of query we receive in descending sequence.

Does Game killer apk work?

Online games are in reality quite difficult to hack. We must hack on the server of these game that’s extremely difficult simply by using n android program like Game killer to hack. You need advanced understanding of programming or Hacking to hack on games that are such.

Also, whether a game might be hacked or not, depends on your ability and patience. Attempt more and believe positive, you are going to clearly triumph.

It reveals “Setup Blocked similar or ” messages. How to repair it? Go to your own device settings”>&gt killer;security. Scroll right down to locate “Anonymous sources and empower it. I can’t downloadKiller. What can I do?

We can’t give you precise answer on this since many variables can cause this malfunction. So strive measures under:-

  1. Possibly you clicked on advertising.
  2. Alter your browser. Occasionally, thibe due to web browser.


Is there any way without rooting my android apparatus that I will use Game killer?


It’s possible for you to root readily your apparatus with kingroot.

However I don’t would like to root my telephone. Are there any options?


You can look at our another program Lucky Patcher in the event that you don’t wish to root your android but need to hack android games. Lucky Patcher is distinct than Gamekiller. It operates on non- apparatus that are frozen, is more easy but supports less games. It’s possible for you to read guide that is complete about Blessed patcher here.

Prohibit you or they don’t care not or whether you happen to be using Gamekiller wo be n’ted by Google.


Which variants of Android does this program support?

But latest variant may not be supported by older apparatus.

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